Event Coverage Services for media: Bringing Your Story to Life

Our event coverage services are tailored to meet the demands of media professionals. We thrive on transforming the COP event into compelling stories that captivate your audience. 
Let's collaborate to create unparalleled event coverage that leaves a lasting impact. Contact us today to elevate your event coverage to new heights.

Some communication services could be offered during the COP to enhance your panel discussion and overall the audience experience.


1. Event Branding and Design:
 . Creating visually appealing materials such as banners, posters, and digital graphics that reflect the event's theme and objectives.
 . Designing badges, programs, and other printed materials for participants.

2. Event Promotion (Media & Social Media)
 . Developing a comprehensive marketing and communication plan to promote the event through various channels like social media, email campaigns, and press releases.
 . Securing the presence of the journalists 
 . Creating engaging content, including videos, teaser trailers, and infographics.
 . Printing communication materials

3. Live Streaming and Webcasting:
 . Providing live streaming services for participants who are unable to attend the event in person.
 . Webcasting keynote speeches, panel discussions, and other important sessions to a wider online audience.

4. Social Media Management:
 . Managing event-related social media accounts to provide real-time updates, share photos and videos, and engage with attendees.
 . Encouraging attendees to use event-specific hashtags and engage in online conversations.

5. Interactive Q&A Sessions:
 . Facilitating interactive Q&A sessions with speakers and panelists through dedicated apps or platforms.
 . Securing an MC/ Moderator in the country where the event is taking place
 . Moderating questions from both in-person and virtual participants.

6. Networking Tools:
 . Implementing networking tools and apps that allow participants to connect with each other based on their interests or industry sectors.
 . Organizing virtual meetups, roundtable discussions, and one-on-one networking sessions.

7. Content Creation:
 . Creating real-time content such as social media posts, articles, and summaries of key sessions for participants who want to catch up later.
 . Producing event highlight videos or recap videos.

8. Polls and Surveys:
 . Conducting polls and surveys during the sessions to gather real-time feedback from participants and engage them in discussions.
 . Analyzing survey results to make improvements for future events.

9. Tech Support:
 . Offering on-site and virtual tech support to assist participants with any technical difficulties they may encounter during the event.
 . Providing guidance on how to access event materials, navigate platforms, and troubleshoot issues.

10. Post-Event Follow-Up:
 . Sending out thank-you emails to participants and sponsors, along with event summaries and key takeaways. - Sharing post-event surveys to gather feedback and insights for improving future events.
 . Remember, the specific services, we offer will depend on the type of event, its target audience, and your resources. Providing effective communication services can greatly enhance the participant experience and contribute to the success of the event.

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