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Rewired Earth: engaging African citizens

Rewired Earth: engaging African citizens Rewired Earth is a not-for-profit company that enables sustainable investment and empowers individuals to have their voices heard in a sustainable future. How? Rewired Earth harnesses people’s views on which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) they prioritise. Information is gathered through a simple survey. This has already reached over 1.5m people and soon is being sent to over a billion people.
Responses are aggregated - and disaggregated - and provided to those making investment decisions, in local and national Government, funds, banks, corporates etc. Why? We need change that dignifies individuals, the planet and our values.
We need targeted sustainable investment.
Currently the market works well for what is priced, but it doesn’t work for things that are not priced.
Solution Rewired Earth brings information from the demand side (people) to those making sustainable investment decisions (the supply side), enabling them to see what we value and then act on what is important to stakeholders, to us the people.
Announcement: survey across Africa With a leading telecoms company, Rewired Earth is announcing at COP28 that its survey is going to over 260m people, mostly in Africa.
Participants: ADESA, Rewired Earth and representative from leading telecoms company.
Rewired Earth November 2023



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December 06 - 16:45
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