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Identifying GHG Reduction Opportunities for Heavy Industries – An Engineer’s Perspective

The global imperative to address climate change has heightened the need for transformative action across industries.
Among these, heavy industries such as Concrete and Cement, and Iron and Steel play a significant role in both economic development and carbon emissions.
As the global economy expands and urbanization accelerates, these sectors are essential for construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing, but they also contribute substantially to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
This side event will focus on exploring engineering pathways for reducing emissions in these critical industries.

Our side event will feature a session with the following components:
(a) Keynote Presentations: Two experts will present key findings from the papers "Sustainable GHG Reduction Strategies for Heavy Industries: Concrete, Cement, Iron, and Steel."
The presentations will delve into the challenges posed by these industries and outline innovative strategies for reducing emissions.
(b) Panel Discussion: A panel of experts from academia, industry, and policy-making spheres will engage in an interactive discussion. They will explore the policy implications, technological innovations, and collaborative efforts necessary to drive sustainable transformation in the Concrete and Cement, and Iron and Steel sectors.
(c) Audience Interaction: Attendees will have the opportunity to actively participate by posing questions to the speakers and panelists, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas.

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December 05 - 16:00
December 05 - 17:00
Opening Day
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