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Unlocking the agri-food system transformation: Aligning regenerative farming with sustainable food choices

Sunday, 10 December | 11:15-12:00 EET | Food and Agriculture Pavilion (Blue Zone) Sajeev Mohankumar PhD (Senior Technical Specialist, Climate and Biodiversity at the FAIRR Initiative) will be moderating a panel discussion on insights on transforming the agri-food system.
Discover how to build a sustainable food system that harmonises climate, nature, and societal goals through regenerative farming and protein diversification.
The panel will discuss collaboration for shared policy goals and building partnerships across the agri-food value chain.
The confirmed speakers include: Henry Dimbleby - UK National Food Strategy Lead Sara Farley - Rockefeller Foundation Gus Guadagnini - GFI Brazil Karen Mapusua - IFOAM We will have FAIRR presence in Dubai from Nov 30 to Dec 12, with the majority there on 4-10 Dec. 

For questions, please contact Abigail.Lee@fairr.org in our FAIRR Policy Team.

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December 10 - 11:15
December 10 - 12:00
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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