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Democratizing Climate Resilience Science: Using art as a way to make alternative voices heard

Indigenous, traditional, and local knowledge, culture, and heritage are often not acknowledged, nor validated in climate research, action, and policy.
Marginalized groups often are not included in the decision-making process, and the knowledge that is often expressed through art, cultural experiences, and values has not been understood generally.
On the other hand, art has the potential to cut across disciplinary, socio-economic, linguistic, and educational differences.
Art is a shared language that could amplify alternative voices, make cultures visible, audible, and tangible, and able to communicate climate impacts from multiple vantage points.
Through this session, we will convene artists and storytellers from different perspectives of the world to share and perform their stories and engage in, with, and through art for climate justice and a resilient future.

Session Co-hosts: Hivos, https://hivos.org/
Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), https://cdkn.org/

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December 11 - 10:30
December 11 - 11:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone



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