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Bridging finance and biodiversity for inclusive locally-led Climate Action

Climate change is a multifaceted crisis that demands a cohesive effort to mobilize financial resources, harness cutting-edge solutions, and leverage biodiversity as a foundation for sustainability.
The interplay between finance and biodiversity offers a potent opportunity to address climate change comprehensively and drive lasting positive outcomes.
Connecting climate finance with local communities enhances the efficient allocation of financial resources for climate-resilient projects, ensuring that the unique needs and circumstances of local communities are thoroughly taken into account and integrated into sustainable development strategies. This session will explore the financing of Nature-based solutions for locally-led climate action and address matters such as engagement with the financial sector and private sector together with financial disclosure.
Practical examples will be presented from Africa and Latin America.

Session Co-Hosts:
Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF), https://cridf.net/
African Natural Capital Alliance (ANCA), https://africannaturalcapitalalliance.com/
The Tenure Facility, https://thetenurefacility.org/

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December 06 - 16:30
December 06 - 17:30
Opening Day
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