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Transforming Economic Systems for Biodiversity and Climate Resilience

Transforming economic models for biodiversity Idea of the economics systems/ How do we close the financing gap? A transformative way to look at economic planning - some case studies around this? Water fund - TNC? (yes and RTR partner) Avoiding economic destruction Different entry points and ways to do this work Our economic systems are highly vulnerable to disruptions that result from losses created by reduced biodiversity and water and natural systems.
We need to enable faster, credible action to invest in water, nature, and biodiversity that enable resilience within the economy.
The session will present the practice of water resilience for economic planning, evaluation, and management and show ways the reduction of water-related risks can be considered in their decision-making and the tools they use Chair - how do we bring this together/takeaways/ how to connect these perspectives?

Session Co-Hosts:
Natural History Museum (NHM) https://www.nhm.ac.uk/
The Nature Conservancy (TNC), https://www.nature.org/en-us/

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December 05 - 13:30
December 05 - 14:30
Opening Day
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