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Preserving Our Legacy: Climate Resilience for Culture and Heritage

Voices from frontline communities will share their climate action stories.
Such stories and forms of art strengthen the evidence base of loss and damage due to climate change, shedding light on the often overlooked aspects of non-economic loss and damage in the form of cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge.
Through this lens, things like a new method of evaluating non-economic loss and damage, culturally centered climate vulnerability assessments, and community-engaged training will be featured to show how putting people at the center of solutions helps drive ambition to meet the urgency before us.
Climate Heritage Network (CHN), https://www.climateheritage.org/
International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), https://www.icccad.net/

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December 03 - 15:00
December 03 - 16:00
Opening Day
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