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Innovation and the new future: How do we move from incremental to transformative change?

Event Description

Despite our best-efforts to improve efficiency and eliminate waste, incremental improvements in GHG emissions and deep renovation rates are not keeping pace with rates of urbanisation and growing resource demands. The result is an annual increase in emissions that moves us further away from zero-emissions pathways. Moving towards zero emissions in the built environment therefore requires innovations that support the shift from incremental to transformative change. The good news is, we already have examples of urban and policy innovation that can work at scale to stimulate policy, behaviour and technology step change. Join this session to hear about transformative change around the world and the principles that underpin it.  


Event Objectives


  • Amplifying alternative technologies, perspectives and concepts of the role, value and performance of buildings and cities

  • Sharing lessons learned on transformative change and how to scale it up

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December 06 - 13:15
December 06 - 14:15
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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