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How to engage Health, Resilience and the Right to Sustainable Housing as a powerful policy driver for Climate Action in the Built Environment

Event Description

The multiple benefits of sustainable building are rarely used to promote policy reform. However, recent research by Monash University and GBPN has found that enhancing knowledge and awareness of the non-climate change benefits of sustainable building could create a virtuous cycle where consumer demand for sustainable building is accelerated. Government and private sector then respond with policy and products to meet the demand, and with consideration and quantification of sustainable building benefits, stimulate further interest and investment in sustainable building.


Join this interactive workshop to learn more about how evidence-based stories about the multiple benefits of sustainable buildings can lead to policy reform. You will hear case studies from around the world and work together to generate a list of convincing narratives for policy reform. 


Event Objectives


  • Based on the examples from low- and middle-income countries, identify a list of convincing narratives for policy reform

  • Strengthening awareness of buildings’ impact on people and planet and how these stories of impact can influence change

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December 06 - 10:45
December 06 - 11:45
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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