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How to implement policies for decarbonising built environments at speed and scale: examples from India and Indonesia

Event Description 

Decarbonising the built environment requires working with governments to change policy in integrated ways, and developing innovative policy reform programs with the local stakeholders that are responsible for implementation. So, how do we do this at speed and scale? 


In this workshop you will hear case studies from Indonesia and India of successful policy implementation in buildings, city planning, transport and mobility, and appliances. Contribute your experiences as well, to generate a list of universally applicable key strategies.  


Event Objectives

  • Based on the examples from low- and middle-income countries, identify a list of essential ingredients to implementing policy reforms. 

  • Showcase how Indonesia and India are working from the bottom up and top down to decarbonise built environments.

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December 06 - 09:30
December 06 - 10:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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