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Adaptation Finance: The Adaptation Gap Report and the Need to Scale up Climate-Resilient Finance

In this panel session, experts will present and discuss new financial data and analysis from this year’s Adaptation Gap Report. The new numbers reflect the real costs of adaptation and the growing needs of developing countries reflected in NDCs and NAPs. Clearly these revised figures will place ever greater pressure on public finance and private finance will increasingly need to respond to a changing climate. The second part of this session will explore how financial institutions can scale climate-resilient finance and mainstream the assessment of physical climate risks across the finance sector.

  • Henry Neufeldt (UNEP)
  • Pieter Pauw (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Amal-Lee Amin (Birtish International Investment)
  • Hope Murera (Zep Re)
  • Lina Osman (Standard Chartered Bank)


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December 04 - 10:30
December 04 - 11:15
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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