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The Fifth Industrial Revolution & Closing the Carbon Loop

The Fifth Industrial Revolution will mark an era of truth and action: an era beyond zero emissions and human-centric design. The evolution of the built environment is essential to the success of this industrial revolution! Accounting for 40% of all global carbon emissions, the building sector must adopt a holistic and actionable approach to support this movement. A fundamental shift is urgently required in how we address sustainability, responsibly apply new technology, and reconsider our standards for the built environment.  Net zero standards must balance embodied and operational carbon, while also emphasizing resiliency and user wellbeing through effective integration of smart technologies. Across projects, businesses, and policies, a collective whole-life cycle approach must operate based on the development of shared measuring tools, a common global language to calculate and monitor carbon, and collaboration. 




  • Yasemin Kologlu, Principal, SOM

  • Global ABC

  • DGNB


  • Autodesk

  • Vincent Martinez, President & COO, Architecture 2030 (moderator)

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December 06 - 15:00
December 06 - 16:30
Opening Day
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