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Climate& Energy in collaboration with DSS+

The energy transition is not happening fast enough for us to stay on a well below 20C pathway, as the parties agreed in Paris in 2015.  What are the barriers to progress in the energy transition in terms of inventing and implementing new energy systems? How do we accomplish net zero by 2050 whilst protecting health, livelihoods and well-being in a just energy transition?   

In this discussion, experts from business, society, and the public sector will explore pathways to sustainable energy models and the infrastructure investments needed to support them.  How do investors in the energy transition and infrastructure consider health, livelihoods, and wellbeing in their decisions? What are the implications and opportunities for the energy sector and the industries in their supply chains? How can stakeholders contribute to the energy transition –now - considering the associated costs, particularly within hard to abate sectors?   


    Mark Dickson, Global Head of Energy Transition & Decarbonisation, DSS+

    Mika Ohbayashi, Director, Renewable Energy Institute   

    Andrew Kamau, Managing Director of International Programs, Energy Opportunity Lab, Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy

    Rajiv Joshi, Adjunct Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University; Lead Author, Decisive Decade Inquiry; Strategic Advisor, Future of Climate Cooperation (moderator)   


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December 05 - 11:00
December 05 - 12:00
Opening Day
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