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Climate& Systems Change : Towards positive tipping points

Tipping points are small changes that trigger larger, more significant changes. They can be warning signs of danger ahead or they can be signs of hope and reason for optimism. In the midst of the climate crisis, it can be difficult to identify tipping points accurately, let alone direct resources to encourage positive change and stall momentum in the wrong direction.  

As we reimagine our economic, energy, food, transportation and other systems, how can we recognise and encourage the positive tipping points needed to achieve them? In this session, we’ll explore the small changes with the potential to drive the acceleration of the green transformation and how to turn them into systems level change across cultures, societies and geographies.   

  • Joshua Amponsem, Founder, Green Africa Youth Organization and Co-Director, Youth Climate Justice Fund
  • Tim Brown, Chair, IDEO and Vice Chair, Kyu Collective
  • Lorna Gold, Director of Movements, FaithInvest
  • Moderator, Sophie Lambin, Founder and CEO, Kite Insights,


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December 05 - 10:15
December 05 - 11:00
Opening Day
Green Zone

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