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Climate& People: Debate We can upskill our way out of the climate crisis

Upskilling people on climate and the environment can be the key to greater employee agency and the decentralisation of green solutions. If its full potential were unlocked, it could accelerate a sustainable future while preparing more people for the jobs in a new economy.

But could deploying new training programmes and spotlighting ‘green’ skills be masking the absence of a fundamental mindset shift and the imagination required to act radically. Is upskilling just another box we introduce into our systems when we don’t want to think outside of it?

If you’re serious about green transformation, you can’t succeed without investing in the right human capital: empowering people with the necessary industry knowledge and tools to deploy meaningful solutions.

  • Sharan Burrow, Vice Chair, European Climate Foundation
  • Efrem Bycer, Senior Lead Manager, Public Policy and Economic Graph, LinkedIn
  • Jaha Dukureh, Regional UN Women Ambassador
  • Josh Harris, Communications Director, We Mean Business
  • Tom Einar Jensen, CEO, FREYR Battery
  • Rachel Kyte, Visiting Professor of Practice, University of Oxford
  • Joel Makower, Chairman and Co-Founder, GreenBiz Group
  • Marina Marçal, Head of City Diplomacy and Advocacy, C40 Cities
  • Luisa Neubauer, Climate Justice Activist
  • Michael Okoroafor, Chief Sustainability Officer, McCormick & Company
  • Moderator, Stephen Dunbar Johnson, President, International New York Times
  • Moderator, Sophie Lambin, Founder & CEO, Kite Insights


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