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Enabling Circularity in the Built Environment

Tuesday 5 December 

15:00 - 16:00 

Buildings Pavilion, Blue Zone

Live stream

Lori Ferriss will be speaking from Architecture 2030.

The built environment is responsible for half of global resource use, construction demolition waste accounts for nearly 40% of total solid waste and around 45% of GHG emissions come from the production and consumption of resources and materials.  Circular economy enables decarbonization and reduces the use of natural resources. Hence, there is a need to accelerate the shift from a linear “take-make-waste” economy to a circular “reduce-reuse-recycle” in the built environment.  This discussion will focus on how to accelerate the shift towards circular buildings and the role of innovative building solutions (including design, materials, waste management, etc.), to achieve this shift.  The session also aims at discussing the collaboration levers between partners to create an enabling environment to successfully scale the transition to a circular built environment globally and the various obstacles that are yet to be overcome to achieve this scale up.


  • Holcim: Cédric de Meeûs, VP Group Public Affairs and Social Impact

  • Architecture 2030: Lori Ferriss, Senior Fellow 

  • Arup: Eva Hinkers, Chair Europe and Member of the Management Board

  • Concrete Sustainability Council: Andrew Minson 

  • ICLEI: León Díaz-Bone Chief, Secretary General's Office

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December 05 - 15:00
December 05 - 16:00
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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