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Market Transformation Activation – Preparing for Paris 2024

Saturday 2 December 

16:00 - 17:30 


Buildings Pavilion, Blue Zone



The leaders of the private sector recognize the importance of the Buildings breakthrough and are strongly supportive. In this event, we will explore the tangible steps private sector actors in the built environment can and need to take before the presentation of the Buildings Breakthrough during the ministerial Global Forum in Paris in March 2024. In a first session with CEO and C-suite representatives, they will discuss how the Market Transformation shared action agenda will convey the business actions and strongly support building breakthrough achievements. This will be followed by a session discussing levers of change from a number of perspectives.


  • Yves-Laurent Sapoval, Conseiller Direction générale de l'Aménagement du Logement et de la Nature, French Government

  • Diane Holdorf, EVP, WBCSD

  • Moderator : Eva Hinkers, Europe CEO, Arup

  • Lars Petersson, CEO, VELUX

  • Manish Pant, EVP International Operations, Schneider Electric

  • Chris Seymour, Mott MacDonal Regional Director, RICS

  • Juan Caballero, Chief of Programs, Build Change

  • Lori Ferriss, Senior Fellow, Architecture 2030

  • Judy Zakreski  or Ryan Colker, ICC 

  • Roland Hunziker, Director Built Environment, WBCSD

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December 02 - 16:00
December 02 - 17:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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