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Psychological Resilience as a Pillar for Climate Resilience

Interactions between health and climate adaptation have huge potential to address the future of global health.
Health and wellbeing are recognized in the Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda and by increasing areas of climate adaptation as a key "system" that needs international investment and action as part of meaningful and substantive climate resilience and climate justice impacts.
Psychological resilience, and mental and emotional wellbeing, are critical for such potential impacts.
But that will require a paradigm shift—markedly enlarging how to understand what psychological resilience means, who owns it, and how to do it, in ways that move far beyond just illness categories and care, to empower and enable social capital, collective efficacy, and, especially locally led, climate adaptation.
This session will share examples of what that can look like A Roadmap for spreading psychological resilience through the Race to Resilience, decades of evidence and practice to draw on but also substantially build upon from the field of global mental health, and examples of connecting these efforts to climate solidarity and justice.
Billion Minds Project/cop2, https://www.cop2.org/who-we-are
St Lukes Medical Center, https://www.stlukes.com.ph/
Sustyvibes, https://sustyvibes.org/

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December 03 - 09:00
December 03 - 10:00
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