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Gaming for Climate: Gamification, Digital Literacy & Behavior Change

The event aims to explore the transformative role of digitalization in driving sustainable behavior change. In the face of pressing environmental challenges, this event will delve into how digital technologies, such as AI, social media, and virtual reality, can be harnessed through gamification to inspire and guide individuals towards more environmentally conscious choices. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how digital tools can reshape consumer preferences and encourage the adoption of greener lifestyles.


The panel will address questions like:

How can digital technologies, such as AI and VR be harnessed to inspire and guide individuals towards sustainable choices?

How can we ensure youth and vulnerable communities are reaping the benefits of increased digitalization?



  • Kieren Mayers. Senior Director of Environment, Social, & Governance, Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Lisa Pak. Project Lead, Playing for the Planet, UNEP (online)
  • Michael Angst. CEO, E-Line Media
  • Dhabia AlMansoori. Youth Representative


  • Moderator: Prof. Rupert Younger. Director of the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, Oxford University
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December 06 - 13:30
December 06 - 14:15
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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