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Global Data for Climate Action

This event delves into use cases for global environmental data. Explore the merits and challenges of utilizing international data sources for driving action and monitoring the environment and climate change, as well as strategies to connect sets of data, in particular through the World Environment Situation Room. Uncover how partnerships can harmonize data collection efforts, foster transparency and interoperability to ultimately strengthen climate protection, and gain insights on the current state of global environmental data.


The panel will address questions like:

What are the challenges and opportunities of using global data?

What is the role of open source?

How can we ensure data is being used in an inclusive way?

What are the financial gaps?



  • Gavin McCormick. Co-founder, Climate TRACE
  • Dr. Karen M. St. Germain. Earth Science Division Director, NASA
  • Michael Anthony. Co-Founder, Vertify.earth
  • Florian Pappenberger. Deputy Director-General, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Destination Earth (online)


  • Moderator: Golestan (Sally) Radwan, Chief Digital Officer, UNEP
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December 06 - 11:45
December 06 - 12:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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