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As part of the preparatory process for COP28, the Interfaith Coordination Group on Climate Change is holding a series of informative dialogue sessions. The tenth session looked at Adaptation and Mitigation towards climate change

In the face of escalating climate change impacts, resilient adaptation strategies are crucial. Recognizing nature-based solutions, especially ecosystem-based approaches, as pivotal for fortifying resilience, combating climatic risks, and aiding communities in adapting, this event invites participants to share collective expertise. The event will advocate for the cost-effectiveness of nature-based solutions in addressing climate resilience challenges and stress their economic benefits. It will also showcase cutting-edge climate adaptation practices, like paludiculture on formerly drained peatlands.


  • Jessica Troni, Head, Climate Change Adaptation Unit, UNEP
  • Franziska Tanneberger, Head Greifswald Mire Centre, Germany
  • Eike Behre, Senior Project Associate at the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII), United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)
  • Jessica Laguardia, Climate Change unit head, International Cooperation and Climate Change Directorate, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador
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December 02 - 11:45
December 02 - 12:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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