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Safeguarding the "Just" in Just Energy Transition Partnerships (the "J" in JETP) - Unpacking Progress from Indonesia and South Africa

A conversation with JETP Secretariats from Indonesia and South Africa, their private finance counterparts in the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net-Zero (GFANZ), and local civil society leaders to share lessons and progress on the “J” in JETPs.

When: Sunday 3 December 2023, 15:00 - 16.30

Where: SE Room 2 (COP28 Blue Zone) and UNFCCC livestream




Rachmat Kaimuddin, Deputy Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investments in Infrastructure and Transportation, Government of Indonesia


Joanne Yawitch, Head of the South Africa JETP Secretariat


Amanda Brockbank, Director, Just Energy Transition Partnerships, Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ)


Dr Crispian Olver, Executive Director, Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) of South Africa


Tiza Mafira, Director, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)


Haley St Dennis, Head of Just Transitions, Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) (moderator)



Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETP) are fast becoming a go-to model for national-level decarbonisation initiatives. But they are also a new, untested, and so far ad-hoc model with enormous implications for the human rights of local workers, communities, indigenous groups, and consumers.

South Africa and Indonesia have led the way in negotiating early-stage financing with “International Partner Groups” (IPG) of donor governments and, more recently, the private financial institutions within the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net-Zero (GFANZ).

Through engagement with the respective JETP Secretariats, their counterparts in GFANZ, industry, and local civil society leaders, this official COP28 side event will share lessons and progress on the "J" in JETPs in South Africa and Indonesia. Cohosted by IHRB, the Ford Foundation, Climate Policy Initiative, Laudes Foundation, and African Climate Foundation, this session will unpack the mechanisms and processes used in both cases to build broad coalitions of societal support for JETP planning, but also to grapple with how to move to practical implementation.

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December 03 - 15:00
December 03 - 16:30
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