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Unleashing the Power of Alternative Proteins for Climate Resilience and Food

By 2050, the global population will be 10 billion, and the demand for protein will have almost doubled. This will coincide with growing food insecurity caused by climate change, especially in vulnerable regions that rely heavily on agriculture and forests to produce food. We need new ways of making protein that satisfies growing demand but reduces pressure on land, water, and the climate – a way of working with local tastes and creating opportunities for sustainable protein growers and producers.

This event aims to discuss the environmental and food security benefits of alternative proteins, showcasing their potential to reduce the pressing challenges within traditional food systems such as greenhouse gas emissions, land use, and water consumption. Considering cultural aspects and local practices in the protein production chain, the speakers will present success stories, regional initiatives, and localized strategies where the diversification of proteins is one of the key strategies adopted to mitigate the impacts of agriculture on the environment and to adapt the protein value chain to challenges presented by the current climate crisis.

  • Moderator: Gustavo  Guadagnini, President at GFI Brazil

  • Speakers

    • Vinod Kumar, Managing Director at String Bio  

Vinod Kumar co-founded String and currently serves as its Managing Director. Vinod holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Bangalore University, India, a master’s degree in Industrial and manufacturing Systems Engineering and Supply Chain Management from Ohio University, and 24 years of experience in product development, engineering, manufacturing, customer experience and operations.


  • Alessandro Cruvinel, Director of Innovation at the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

Responsible for coordinating the Bioinputs Program, the Agro Hub Brasil Portal, and the Rural+Connected Project among other public policies, Alessandro Cruvinel Graduated in Agronomy and he holds a master's degree in Rural Development. He was Secretary Deputy of Innovation at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). Moreover, Cruvinel is developing public policy for Open Innovation, Rural Connectivity, Digital Agriculture, Genetic Resources and Alternative Proteins, AgTech and FoodTech.


  • Tasneem Karodia, Co-founder and COO Newform Foods

Tasneem Karodia is the COO and Co-Founder of Newform Foods. Fueled by a passion for transforming food systems, she co-founded Africa's first cultivated meat company. She is dedicated to fostering a more sustainable and equitable food future and draws from a decade of expertise in business strategy and finance. Newform addresses global challenges in scaling cultivated meat technology, with a specific focus on addressing issues in the African market. Outside of work, Tasneem finds balance in her life with a love for aviation, rock climbing, and the companionship of her two rescue pit bulls.


  • Bola Adeyanju, Co-founder of Veggie Victory

Bola Adeyanju is a vegan entrepreneur and started 'VeggieVictory, Nigeria's first Vegan restaurant, ten years ago. Today, VeggieVictory has transformed into a full-fledged vegan product company manufacturing 100% plant-based products like 'Vchunks', a high-protein affordable meat substitute that works how meat is cooked and eaten in Africa. Bola is also a plant-based chef. She is passionate about bringing local West African cuisine to the next level by going plant-based. She is fascinated by the richness of plants and foods in Africa and as the Nigerian Ambassador for Chefs for Change International, brings more Vegan options onto the menus of restaurants and food businesses.


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December 03 - 15:00
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