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Sustainable Food System Initiatives Leveraging World Food Program and Hydroponic Industry Technology, Education and Development.

Q&A with World Food Program and Got Produce Global on innovative agricultural solution using hydroponic techniques within a distributed production model, to address critical challenges faced by the local communities.
First, by significantly reducing the amount of water, which helps mitigate water scarcity issues in arid regions, thus ensuring a more sustainable and consistent and interchangeable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The differentiating factor of interchangeable crop types means each community can grow fruit trees, root crops, and grains as well as traditional arrays of peppers, melons, tomatoes and fresh greens thus achieving primary global goals:
1) Strengthening Food Systems: aligning projects with the countries National Development Plan and Agriculture Investment Plan, this joint effort aspires to conquer hunger and drive sustainable development through localized production of hydroponic staple crops.
2) Private Sector Partnership for Impact: Co-creating and co-finance initiatives that channel socio-impact investments into enhancing marketing efficiency, establishing vital links between smallholder farmers and the value chain, and scaling up agricultural production.
3) Empowering Sustainable AgriTech-Centered Societies: through a convergence of humanity, advanced hydroponic technology, and environmental stewardship, this initiative aspires to foster economic growth, safety, efficiency, and sustainability within the realm of agriculture.

The overarching achievement is to shape a future where agricultural systems thrive, resilience is paramount, and the well-being of generations is safeguarded.


December 10 - 11:00
December 10 - 12:00
Opening Day
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