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Launch of the Science Panel for the Congo Basin

The idea of convening an independent panel of scientists emerged from within the research community in the Congo Basin, and responds to a 2021 call of environmental ministers to strengthen the role of science in solving regional challenges. The SDSN is supporting the establishment of the science panel, comprised of and led by scientists in and from the region; it follows the example of the Science Panel for the Amazon that has been operating in 2020. The main objectives of the Science Panel for the Congo Basin are to jointly review the existing scientific knowledge on the region and present its findings as part of a high-quality assessment report for policy makers in 2025. Similar to the 2021 report of the science panel for the Amazon, the 2025 Congo Basin assessment aims to inform and accelerate local and regional policy responses to address acute tipping points, critical gaps and other urgent areas for action facing the Congo Basin. The panel will be open to partner with existing initiatives and related institutions in the region, to complement and support shared objectives to support the conservation and sustainable development of the Congo Basin for the regional and global climate, its nature and people.

This event will include key details of the Panel's mission, objectives, co-chairs, and governance, as well as its timeline for generating a first-of-its-kind report on the Congo Basin at COP30. The event will end with an interactive panel discussion with leading scientists from the region and the SPCB co-chairs.

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December 03 - 16:00
December 03 - 17:30
Opening Day
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