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Collaborative Futures: Bridging Gaps with AI and EO in Climate Risk Management and Adaptation

This session explores the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and Earth Observations (EO) for climate adaptation, including insurance and financial mechanisms. It sheds light on the role of the private sector, which is an important driver for the implementation of AI and EO-based risk transfer mechanisms and can provide new solutions as well as opportunities for collaboration.

While many challenges, such as data gaps or technology access, persist, successful implementation of AI and EO for risk transfer mechanisms is becoming more important in climate adaptation. Panelists share their perspectives on the power of these technologies in enhancing data accessibility by offering practical insights and sharing strategies for overcoming challenges. This session aims to foster collaboration to overcome shared challenges and discuss future opportunities on the transformative power of AI and EO in climate adaptation risk transfer mechanisms by establishing a platform for the private sector, governments, and development and international organizations.


December 02 - 16:30
December 02 - 17:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone

Adaptation AI Climate & Environment Collaboration Data & Tech Finance Loss and Damage Fund Solutions


United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU EHS)

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