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Accelerating integration of low-carbon waste management in Nationally Determined Contributions to Reach Climate Commitments

Environmentally sound management of waste, and its responsible trade, is essential in mitigating climate change and promoting a circular economy. The waste management sector can play a vital role in climate mitigation through a multitude of actions. First, through direct greenhouse gas emissions reductions from solid waste management and, second, indirectly through the effects of waste prevention, re-use, recycling, and replacement of fossil fuels and feedstock by secondary raw materials. Waste recycling and resource recovery - which are at the core of a circular economy - offer potential GHG reductions in the magnitude of up to 20% of the global emissions.

By bringing together experts from different horizons, the side event will foster the sharing of experiences and solutions to support countries to consider integrating waste management policies and circular economy interventions in their nationally determined contributions (NDC). 

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December 03 - 16:00
December 03 - 16:45
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