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Concrete as a CO2 Sink

It is well-known that concrete is responsible for significant CO2 emissions, primarily as a result of the carbon-intensive process by which its key ingredient, cement, is manufactured. What is less well known is that concrete absorbs CO2 throughout its lifecycle, a property known as cement recarbonation, concrete carbonation or, more simply, carbon uptake. 

The event aims at presenting recent developments in estimating the natural carbon sink provided by concrete as well as development related carbonation-based binders and the use CO2 in the concrete value chain.  

Speakers and panellists:

  • Claude Lorea, GCCA Cement, Innovation and ESG Director  
  • Diana Casey , Executive Director, Energy and Climate Change, MPA 
  • M.A. San Juan, Head of the Cement and Mortars Area, IECA 
  • Jonas Helseth, Director, Bellona 
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December 04 - 16:00
December 04 - 17:00
Opening Day
Blue Zone

Climate & Environment


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