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Atoms4NetZero & Net Zero World Initiatives (ANL)

The event will showcase two key complementary initiatives — the IAEA’s Atoms4NetZero initative and the US Net Zero World Initiative — which are supporting countries around the world to reach net zero. Atoms4NetZero provides Member States and stakeholders including industry, financial institutions and international organizations with technical expertise and scientific knowledge to harness the power of nuclear energy in the transition to net zero. The Net Zero World Initiative enables country partners to harness the expertise of US and international industry, think tanks, national laboratories and universities, in creating and implementing tailored, technical and investment strategies towards net zero.

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December 08 - 09:30
December 08 - 10:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone

Climate & Environment Education Energy transition Finance SDGs Youth


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
(+43-1) 2600-0

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