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POLITICAL ACTION FOR AMR AND ENVIRONMENT on the road to the UNGA High-Level Meeting on AMR in 2024

The session will bring high-level attention to AMR and the need to transform agrifood systems to optimize animal, plant and environmental health, ensure responsible and sustainable use of antimicrobials and most importantly, reduce the need to use antimicrobials and promote innovation for evidence-based and sustainable alternatives. The dialogues will contribute to a better understanding of the coordinated multisectoral global action needed to prevent and respond to the converging threats of AMR and the climate crisis. The critical area of financing mechanisms will also be addressed, including exploring innovative solutions for the AMR and climate crises. Discussions and statements will contribute to the ongoing dialogue regarding key areas of consideration for the political declaration of the UNGA HLM on AMR in 2024, among Ministers of Agriculture, Environment, Health and other high-level government officials attending the COP28.

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December 02 - 17:00
December 02 - 18:00
Opening Day
Blue Zone

Agriculture Climate & Environment Economic Development Food Health


Global Leaders Group on AMR

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