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Harmonizing environmental data: towards a global environmental data strategy

There is not enough data to assess progress for 41% of the SDGs environment indicators according to UNEP

Studies. Big Data on the environment is essential to our understanding of the state of the world environment and

the production of science-based tools for decision-making by governments, investors, industries and consumers,

among others.


With the advent of new earth observation systems and AI tools, now data from multiple sources has the potential

to improve transparency and accountability, and to help identify solutions and collaborations to achieve the

objectives of the Paris Agreement across disciplines and sectors.


And while AI and frontier technologies offer new solutions, they also come with complex and never-before

encountered issues and challenges that need to be understood, analyzed, regulated, and addressed.

Issues related to financing, equity, equality and reporting require a deep dive. Recognizing the importance of better

data governance and access, the UN Environment Assembly called for the development of a Data Strategy for the

Environment and Climate by 2025.


Held on Digital Day, the Leadership Dialogue will explore:

What has been done so far in the development of a Global Environmental Data Strategy (GEDS) – including

support and data integrations and analysis at the national level, and role of WESR.

Gaps, priorities, and opportunities for action in climate data.5

Elements related to legislation, equity, democracy and transparency related to the technology use and the

equitable sharing of Big Data products and services.

How the work of the Data for the Environment Alliance (DEAL) is shaping up and the opportunities it



December 06 - 10:30
December 06 - 11:15
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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