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Shaping a Climate-Resilient World for the 21st Century – Focus on LDCs

A much warmer world is already upon us. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), 2023 is

firmly set to become the warmest year on record with impacts of natural disasters, droughts and food shortages

resounding around the world.


The sense of urgency for ambitious climate action has never been more critical as it is no longer a situation where

developing countries, the least developed nations, small island developing states and landlocked developing

countries are alone and at the forefront of the worst impact of the climate crisis. It is a challenge that impacts us

all and calls for enhanced cooperation and coordination among all nations.


A new brand of climate diplomacy, partnership, technology empowerment and innovative financing is required to

turn the needle and allow vulnerable nations to pivot towards a more resilient and sustainable future in this 21st



Held on the UNEP Pavilion “Industry Day”, this Leadership Dialogue aims to:

Reshape the conversation and explore the role of industry and the private sector when it comes to climate

diplomacy and empowerment in relation to least developed countries and the developing world.

Reaffirm a renewed commitment towards developing countries and LDCs’ vision and leadership vis a vis

adaptation and building resilience through technology empowerment, innovative financing and climate


Promote developing countries and LDCs as hubs for innovation, sustainable technologies and innovative

financing by inviting top technology giants and investment institutions to share their vision and showcase the

solutions capable of realizing the Sustainable Development Goals as espoused in the 2030 Agenda.


December 01 - 16:30
December 01 - 17:15
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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