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Decarbonization and Detoxification: Linkages and opportunities for integrated actions

Chemicals are integral to almost all areas of society and are used across all economic sectors. The chemicals sector is the largest industrial energy consumer and the third largest industry subsector in terms of direct CO2 emissions. Many chemicals that are produced and utilized can have impacts on the environment and climate, with climate change in turn increasing the toxicity of some chemicals and amplifying their releases into the environment. There is growing evidence of the many varied interconnections between climate change and chemical production and use. Yet chemicals are often overlooked in climate discussions, and vice versa.

This side event aims at:

-Enhancing the understanding of the pernicious and complex interactions between climate change and chemical pollution;

-Identifying opportunities for synergistic actions that have benefits to address both the climate and pollution environmental crises;

-Calling for a better recognition of the chemicals-climate link in the global climate governance and policies.

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December 01 - 15:15
December 01 - 16:00
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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