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Climate Finance: Meet the Climate Funds Nature Experts

Today the need for collective, urgent, and ambitious action on climate is clearer than ever before. According to the UNFCCC’s synthesis report of the technical dialogue of the first Global Stock-take, the world is not on track to meet the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement. While progress is observed in some areas, much more is needed now, on all fronts. We need to scale up and speed up the delivery of climate finance.

Change is needed, and it is needed now. Investing in nature is fundamental to human existence and prosperity. Sustainable agriculture and forest management, including measures such as agroforestry, could deliver over $2 trillion per year in economic benefits, generate millions of jobs in developing countries, and improve food security. Yet the restoration of forests, degraded lands, and coastal zones can help strengthen climate resilience. 

We need new kinds of climate solutions that break down silos; provide multiple benefits at the same time, from mitigation to adaptation to biodiversity; and empower Indigenous People and Local Communities (IPLCs), those who know their natural environments best.  Join us to meet our Nature Experts and learn how the climate funds are investing In nature.


December 09 - 15:15
December 09 - 16:45
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