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Sea waste valorization, specifically the utilization of tilapia fish scales to produce collagen

The increasing levels of sea pollution pose significant environmental and health challenges worldwide.
Finding innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of this pollution has become a critical priority.
This abstract focuses on the concept of sea waste valorisation, specifically the utilization of tilapia fish scales to produce collagen, and how this approach can contribute to addressing sea pollution.
Collagen, a structural protein abundantly present in tilapia fish scales, holds immense potential for various applications, including biomedical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.
By transforming tilapia fish scales into collagen, two objectives are achieved simultaneously: reducing sea waste and creating a valuable resource.
The process of collagen extraction from tilapia fish scales involves several steps, including washing, enzymatic treatment, and purification.
Once extracted, collagen can be used in various forms such as gelatin, hydrolysed collagen, or nanofibers, depending on the desired application.

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