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Uniting for Climate: Private Sector Strategies to Act and Deliver Sustainable Solutions

At the heart of today's conversation is the profound realization that shifting towards a just and regenerative mindset is not merely an option, but a necessity for the survival and thriving of our planet. This transformative approach redefines sustainability and the role of business in society, offering a radically new perspective on how we interact with our world. Traditional business models often prioritize short-term profits and efficiency. The call here is for a transformative shift towards a mindset that values long-term sustainability, social equity, and ecological regeneration.


Objective: To foster a competitive advantage in the private sector by collaboratively developing and implementing innovative and actionable strategies that address climate change, integrating a just and regenerative mindset into all business practices.



December 06 - 09:30
December 06 - 10:30
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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