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Mythbusting with CEET Engineers: Alignment and misalignment of clean hydrogen, clean cooking, and clean transportation with the SDGs

The Council of Engineers on the Energy Transition (CEET), a global, high-level body of engineers and energy systems experts that contribute to the UN Secretary-General’s goal to build a coalition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, has produced exciting and groundbreaking technical briefs directly designed to tackle the SDGs. CEET Engineers work hard to contextualize and localize solutions in order to understand the barriers and accelerators of sustainable development and the clean energy transition. The energy transition, however, is complex, and a silver bullet solution doesn’t exist.


Perhaps the best medium for navigating nuances and developing solutions to the SDGs is open conversation among subject matter experts. In this interactive debate-style event, CEET Engineers will take on misconceptions about some of the most pressing and cross-cutting issues that stand in the way of the clean energy transition. Experts on clean hydrogen, clean cooking, and clean transportation will come together to highlight key roadblocks and progressions along the pathway to clean energy development, and discuss ways in which our policies do — or don’t — support the SDGs. Busting myths about the energy transition opens up the opportunity to find the right steps towards progress. The conclusions of debate among CEET Engineers will push viewers to question their assumptions, and lead us down the path of solutions for the SDGs.

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December 11 - 10:45
December 11 - 11:45
Opening Day
Blue Zone

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