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Industry Insights: Sectoral Pathways, Synergies and Ingredients for Success at Scale

Objective: share insights on progress, challenges and crucial elements needed for the short and medium term scale-up in key industrial sectors like transport, building materials and also how to ensure finance for these important technologies and industries Audience: IOE members, B&I constituency, policy makers, governments Some sectors and industries are forging ahead with innovative decarbonization pathways, developing technological solutions and transforming their businesses to become sustainability leaders. Their insights and experiences so far are crucial for understanding needs of the private sector and how to ensure progress at scale and across labour markets. Join us at COP28 for a thought-provoking event on what leading companies can reveal and share from their progress so far. As we gather to address the pressing issues of climate change, this event will focus on a crucial aspect of the transition to a sustainable future: ensuring that businesses are well-equipped for sustainable decarbonization. Global and domestic supply chains are the lifeblood of economies worldwide. They play a significant role in creating jobs, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth. However, many manufacturing companies face significant challenges when it comes to accessing the financial resources they need to start, grow, or scale up their businesses. Incentives, conducive industrial policies, and subsidies can be powerful tools in addressing this issue. This event aims to bring together stakeholders from the international community, finance and industry to discuss progress so far as well as the key elements for successful industrial transformations. By the end, participants will have a deeper understanding of sector specific action and industrial challenges, priorities and next steps. They will also develop actionable strategies to implement and advocate for conducive policies within their respective sectors and organizations. Don't miss the opportunity to engage in discussion on how enterprises can play a pivotal role in the global climate transition while prioritising the optimal labour market results and efficient business models.

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December 03 - 11:00
December 03 - 12:30
Opening Day
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